Artist CV




Sha'Tuon Simpson

Las Vegas, NV.




2022(forthcoming)| MFA, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI



2018| CMYK: Lowden Gallery, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

2021| Junior Project: Between Two Galleries, Var West

2021| Unearthed Collective: Rite Of Passage

2022| Sinking Feeling: Basement Show

2022| The Seventh Annual Grilled Cheese Grant

2022| MIAD Senior Thesis



2022| CREEPS & CRITTERS: A Monster Mania Show

2022| Take Me With You: Digital Zine



2017| Scholastic Art & Writing Silver Key

2022| Third Place Recipient of The Grilled Cheese Grant



2021| Jr. Project Catalogue, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design



2016| Summer Animation Instructor, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

2021| Educational Assistant, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design



2016| Summer Animation Instructor, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts



2022| Ayatana Artists’ Research Program


Milwaukee based, Las Vegan, artist Sha'Tuon Simpson has been creating stories since 2014. Originally an animator Sha'Tuon expander their practice into fine arts and wove together her stories telling skills with her love of media experimentation. She was a recipient of the Layton Endowment.



I am creating work and stories that explore my lived experience and emotions in my fem-queer-black body. I manifest various aspects of my thoughts as tangible stories to then selectively share with an audience. In working with a variety of media I am able to experiment with the idea of knowing myself and existing in nature.


The materials and techniques I use draw from a place of comfort. My emotions and how my attitude is functioning affect my artistry and vice versa. The plants and creatures that bring me joy end up in my work in different iterations. My love of storytelling is so strong that to share it with others, I'm willing to put myself in the hot seat for a second.


In relying on nature for both guidance and material, my work has become a way to physically and mentally ground myself in space. I use elements like plants and bugs as they're things that are greatly swayed by human activity. They are affected similarly to how I am affected emotionally. That fact gives me comfort. In response to that I also want to take care of the natural world around me, as well as myself. As I experiment more with my practice I realize how much the natural world has given me insight into myself.